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5 Jessie Polan

Jamie and Mark Coppens went the extra mile during the process of purchasing my home. They took the time while guiding us through all the necessary steps, which made the process so much easier! They listened to exactly what I wanted, and managed to secure what I was looking for -all at an incredible price! I would highly recommend their services while buying or selling a home.

5 hidalgoe1

Mark and Jamie are fantastic. They have an intimate knowledge of the market and always gave great insights. They have an extensive network that really helped in multiple situations. Extremely responsive, attention to detail, and just overall very friendly and great to work with

5 MicahKepiro

Mark and Jamie were beyond professional in helping my family and I during the buying process, they made us feel comfortable in things we were not sure of earning our trust and proving that they were very committed to our needs as a family, it was a very refreshing experience, I will be recommending them to friends, family, co-workers that have a buying or selling need

5 shawndeagirl

The SRQ Duo of Jamie and Mark were excellent. They are very responsive and will spend the time required to learn your true wants and needs. Their website was very helpful, particularly the sections on Sarasota lifestyle and communities. They helped us look for homes on Siesta Key. Although we ultimately decided to buy a second home in California, we will certainly use The SRQ Duo in our search for our next investment property in Sarasota. The best!!!

5 zuser20140406104856130

We used The SRQ Duo to look for a vacation home West of Trail in 34239 area code.  They went above and beyond in all aspects.  Since they work for a smaller brokerage, they were able to give us the time we needed with the responsiveness we expected.  I know they will negotiate the best deal possible and guide us through closing without any issues.  It really was a great experience.  We plan to invest in some other single family homes in the area and plan to partner with Jamie and Mark for those projects as well.  Use them!  You won’t regret it.

5 mark26123

The SRQ Duo was great. They handled my house hunt with such professionalism. Responsive and proactive. I highly recommend their website. They appreciated my style and taste and were able to find the perfect property at my high end price point. Just great!

5 Eva H

Jamie and Mark are lovely. I’m an international buyer, which is really difficult when you have limited time in the States to search for houses. Their website was very helpful. They were able to advise me of the process and navigate which areas I liked and what was most important to me in a home. They answer the phone at all hours and are very responsive to emails. I highly recommend

5 kellen kieran

Jamie and Mark, The SRQ Duo, were great to work with. They did so much of the legwork for us while we were back in Canada. They met with us in Toronto Canada in order to set our home and lifestyle goals. Who does that??!! The SRQ Duo does!! As an international buyer it was really hard to schedule time to travel and narrow down our search. This process was made easy by Jamie and Mark. They advised us on the process and got us in touch with a great attorney for the more difficult questions on international buyers. Really outstanding support and will recommend them to family and friends wishing to buy or sell in Sarasota Florida.

5 amanmiya9

Jamie and Mark, The SRQ Duo, were great to work with. They did so much of the legwork for us while we were back in Canada. They met with us in Toronto Canada in order to set our home and lifestyle goals. Who does that??!! The SRQ Duo does!! As an international buyer it was really hard to schedule time to travel and narrow down our search. This process was made easy by Jamie and Mark. They advised us on the process and got us in touch with a great attorney for the more difficult questions on international buyers. Really outstanding support and will recommend them to family and friends wishing to buy or sell in Sarasota Florida.

5 mercerfrank74

These agents worked hard to find our dream home. We’re snowbirds so the travel and search was very difficult from afar. The SRQ Duo did previews for us, sending high qualify images and sometimes video that really helped us narrow the search. We plan to buy with them as soon as the winter season is over and there is less demand for houses. Their website is top notch, which is rare for REALTORS. Great team to work with.

5 nataliecontini

The SRQ Duo team were great to work with. They showed me lots of homes that fit my needs that were on and off the market. Just because something isn’t listed doesn’t mean you can’t make an offer. These two helped me navigate high end searching with hidden inventory. Great personalities, experts in the communities, and skilled negotiations. Great website too. Looking forward to working with them again.

5 toddbaker289

Best agent team by far! I’m relocating from Maryland for work. They were able to help find an awesome neighborhood perfectly suited for growing families. Lots of good stuff on their website. Very personable and really fast at returning calls and emails. They were able to accommodate our busy schedule and tight times in Sarasota. We will use them again for sure.

5 matpinato

This team really caters international buyers. We live in Australia so we assumed the time difference would be a challenge. To our surprise, they responded almost immediately at any hour back in the US. They helped us navigate the laws on purchase and recommended a good local attorney for the stuff they couldn’t answer. Their private search site was much better than anything we found online. When we finally met them in Florida, they were well prepared and had the whole day dedicated to helping us. They actually turned off their cell phones. Very impressed with their patience and willingness to deal with our silly questions. They’ve been to Australia so understood what sort of lifestyle we were used to and how Sarasota could cater to us. I would highly recommend them.

5 betty888

Mark and Jamie were very helpful. I’m a remote client from Canada. They were able to search homes and preview before I travelled to the States for showings. They are very knowledgeable of the international buying process and have a lot of helpful information of such on their website. I suggest giving them a full week to search and narrow your list, but they are also very responsive and can help you last minute or while you’re in town too. My list of showings was small and focused, all because of their diligence. Plus, they are very nice and pleasant to boot!!

5 tomasjain1080

“Really nailed it! They understood the exact kind of house and neighborhood we were looking for. They spent a lot of time up front listening to our wants and needs and then spent time talking about what sort of lifestyle was most important (school, beach, sports, etc.). They did this in person, instead of overt he phone or net. This was key. They even found a local baseball team for our 10 yr old. It’s the first time I’ve ever felt like my agent actually cared about us. We found a beautiful house. It took a little time, but their patience was there and their persistence paid off. We recommend them to our family and friends. We have agents for life..”

5 maxjacob71

We live in the UK and these guys treated us the best. First introduction to them was their website. Lot’s of great information on international buying. Much more informative than any website I’ve seen thus far. They spoke to us at length over the phone and online, and then actually came to England and spoke with us in person. This was amazing. They showed us listings when they came and then walked us through the different neighborhoods. When we finally made our trip to Florida, there was no wasted time. We were able to enjoy our vacation AND look for homes with precision. They are experts in their field and compliment each others nicely. Truly make you feel very important. We highly recommend them and their firm.

5 michealoneil81

They found the perfect house that was off-market. They went above and beyond to determine the best offer price with us, and then negotiated on our behalf while we were out of the country. They attended to our every need. Really a great team. They didn’t allow us to settle on a house that didn’t meet our needs. Instead, they searched for homes that weren’t on the market yet. Very knowledgeable about financing and made some great recommendations that helped us and saved time and funding. Really just a spectacular experience. I never saw agents do this much work for their clients. We couldn’t be happier with them.

5 bradymeister007

Great communication! Can’t say enough about their ability to quickly respond and communicate. Even in the wee hours of the morning. This enabled us to rest easy and get the info we needed quickly. This continued when they searched for houses. They were able to narrow the search based on clear communication, without wasting our valuable time. When we went looking for homes, they had already previewed them ahead of time, so again as to not waste our time. They really did everything with us in mind, instead of the quick and easy sell. If youre looking for qualified professionals that take the time and give you the attention you deserve, The SRQ Duo is the right choice. Great website too!

5 laurabellcares

Outstanding experience. They met with me in person to determine my needs, not just a simple phone call. This saved us lots of time in the search. After showing us homes, they took us around the neighborhood to see the shops, restaurants, playgrounds, schools, etc. This took a lot of time but they didn’t mind at all, they actually were the ones that offered. This went above and beyond. We were very happy with their attention to detail. We have a special needs daughter and they took great care to accommodate her needs in the search. A great team that treats you like real people, not just a commission

5 kleiner steve

These agents were accessible 24 hours. We live in Canada most of the year so it was very difficult to search for properties. These guys answered the phone and responded to emails based on BC time on the west coast and were able to search for homes and narrow our choices remotely, in short notice. It saved us so much time. They sent us listings and even added heir own pictures. They did a lot of previews for us, which has been rare in our experience. When we finally landed we went straight to showings. They had just a handful of perfect fits, no time wasting here. They are very professional and live on a key so understand what it is we’re looking for. We will defiantly use them again.

5 rg2day

I’m considering moving from Key West to Sarasota and Jamie has been my eyes and ears since I am not able to travel to Sarasota and look at properties. She responds to inquiries and questions immediately and goes the extra mile to get me the information I need to make a decision. I really feel like Jamie is personally involved in my search for a home in Sarasota, and I know she cares about finding the right property for me! Jamie is all the prrson I need representing me in my search for a new home!! Thank you so much Jamie!!

5 walt washington

Jamie did a great job narrowing my search to a manageable number of houses and then doing some previews before I got in town. This saved a lot of time and really helped me decide where I wanted to live. She matched my lifestyle and not just my home choice. This was the first time an agent did that for me. She was very professional yet personable. Really a joyful low stress experience. I will use them again.

5 tylercolditz

Mark is the most responsive and available agent I’ve ever worked with. I sent him a request from Zillow and he responded immediately. A half hour later I was sent sealed listings based on our conversation and we were out viewing later that same day. If you’re in a jiffy, Mark can help. Very good with people and knows the area very well. He helped recommend a good mortgage source and even swung by there when we were done for the day. Reall just outstanding. Recommend him to all my fiends.

5 gladisoglethorp

The best local knowledge of Lakewood Ranch. Mark owns there, and knows each book and cranny like the back of his hand. This was very helpful for us to determine which neighborhood fit our needs the best. We contacted them and same day, we were out viewing. Really great attitude and patience. Even showing us things we didn’t consider but fit well with our lifestyle. Great responsiveness and able to correspond in all forms (email, text, phone). We recommend them to all friends and family.

5 ybormo

Jamie and Mark are available at all hours. We called them on a Sunday to view a property later that afternoon. They were able to fit us in and then work with us all night with executing an offer. Their website was really helpful for when we had to go back to Chicago. We learned a lot about the area and lifestyle remotely. They really went above and beyond. Kind and professional. Experts on Siesta Key and surrounding area.

5 terry ickes

Jamie and Mark helped us in a pinch. Our last realtor wasn’t up to standard so we asked The SRQ Duo to help show us homes last minute. They were able to show us 5 homes the same day and then committed time the next day as well. They made several good recommendations on professional services too. They did some previews on their own, unbeknownst to us, and saved us some time and hassle. They are great negotiators too. Really fast on responses, available all times of the day. Great

5 timwilliard

Mark was able to respond to a request at an off hour. He went well out of the way to provide a comparative market analysis of a property we had interest in. He was able to schedule a showing the next morning and surprised us with similar houses in the same neighborhood. Their website is awesome. Very informative, easy to work with, great LISTENER, and an expert in his field and area. Very helpful. Will use again!

5 jasonsnows

We highly recommend Jamie and Mark. They know the area better than any agent we worked with. They were able to find a few homes that didn’t meet our criteria but gave us more of the lifestyle we were looking for. They know the school systems very well. Lots of local expertise. They were able to guide us through the process, explaining everything in simple terms. They are making an otherwise stressful process very fun, easy, and exciting. They treat us like we are their only clients. Will use again for sure.

5 greysontampas

Their website was very informative and helpful for us. We’re remote buyers. They helped narrow the home search greatly and allowed us to focus on homes that were perfectly suited. Available at all hours. Very friendly and knowledgeable of the local area. Great all around with knowledge.

5 martucci f

The SRQ Duo did a bang up job with finding me a condo on short notice. I decided to buy right before I left town for season. They were able to take my needs and wants and find me a few great properties. Same day, we went out to look. They cleared their schedule for me before I left town. They really went out of their way to please me and help me on short notice. Just really a good experience. They really know the area well. Will use them for when we buy. The best we’ve seen.

5 wrightdaniel97

Their team of agents came through on short notice. We contacted them from their website, which was very helpful, and they were sending us listings for preview in a matter of minutes. We had a short time in town and they were able to show us houses the next day. They helped is narrow our choice of neighborhoods and walked us through the process. They are very helpful with the neighborhoods too. Also helped us find a good local lender that understood the home type we are looking for. Very helpful and very satisfied.

5 meridithfosters

We had a great time with the SRQ duo. Jamie and Mark found us several homes in neighborhoods that we hadn’t considered. They took initiative and were very responsive, and took the time with us to learn what we liked and then narrowed our search. No time wasting with them. They showed us 10 properties in one afternoon!!!! Wow impressed. We had to return to MI but when we come back we will make an offer with them. Their website has been very helpful while we’re away. Awesome agents!!!

5 chunkyflan

Mark did a great job for us. He previewed homes while we were back in NJ. This enables us to keep on track and not waste time when we arrived. They set up a great search for us, that was automated, and previewed homes that we liked. This really helped. They sent pictures and videos too. They were very friendly, and helpful, and curtiois. Even put up with our dog. They really know the area, and most houses listed. We will define pry recommend them to our friends and family.

5 teddyhansensrq

Jamie is the best agent we’ve worked with. She did searches for us from MLS at 3am her time, because we were trabelling. Just goes above and beyond to make clients satisfied. Helped us choose neighborhoods too. An expert in her areas with lifestyle and a keen eye for design. They linked us up with a great interior designer too and even managed some stuff with an architect when we were remote. Just a lot of good effort. Their website was very helpful too. Lots of good content that actually answers questions. Looking forward to using them for some commercial stuff and having new grinds.

5 yourlaster1

The SRQ Duo is top notch. They spent 2 whole days with us, from Osprey all the way up to Palmetto. They do an extensive search, even things that aren’t listed, and so a really good job of narrowing the list based on their past experience and expertise. They know every nook and cranny of Sarasota, and helped us choose the best neighborhoods. A great resource about schools and nearby amenities like beaches, restaurants, bars, etc. They make the whole experience fun. They even included a “blind surprise” house that made us think about criteria that hasn’t even been on our wish list. Just a unique and fun way to look for homes. Simply the best!

5 neillornby

We met Jamie and Mark in this very coffee shop. We noticed some listing information they had on the table and approached them. To our amazement, they sat down and searched with us in the spot. Further, they called and scheduled showings and we went out looking at homes on the same day. We just couldn’t believe how accommodating they were. They followed up the next day with additional listings and helped us to determine the best areas for us and the best schools. They are lightning quick to respond to emails and texts, very outgoing and personable, and extremely knowledgable. We are so glad to have met them and recommend them to anyone searching for homes or lots to purchase. You will be treated with respect, in confidence, and like you are their most important customer. I wish we could give them 6 stars!!

5 chadohar

Fast fast fast, and very responsive. We found The SRQ Duo online. Their website was more helpful than any other we found in Sarasota. We emailed them through their website and they responded immediately. Did I say fast? They called shortly after and set up an interview with us. We met them at a coffee shop and they allowed us to ask lots of questions about them and their expertise before we even started. We felt like they were on the ball. They took our search requirements and found everything for us. We just sat back and let them do the work. After our feedback, they previewed the homes and determined that some of them weren’t a good fit. This really narrowed our list and didn’t waste our time. When the day came to view houses, it was already refined, with each home being suitable. We recommend them to everyone. Give them a try and you won’t be disappointed.

5 franny belle

Jamie is an expert in the process. She helped with my search extensively, shrinking my list based on my wants and needs, previewing some homes, sending videos and pics, and then setting up several showings on short notice. Once we settled on the home, she walked us through the process, which could have been difficult because we had a blend of cash and financing. Everything was easy and awesome. Really knowledgeable on schools and dining/entertainment areas. Helped us hone in on the best community. We couldn’t be more happy. Wish them the best!!

5 herbstconnie

Mark did a great job searching for investment properties for me. I found Mark and The SRQ Duo through their website. It is the best I’ve seen as far as search features, details on communities, reviews, and information on the process of buying investment properties. They did extensive research for me to help determine which areas I should buy in and what specific buildings were the most profitable. They helped me find a good property management company too. They really understand the financials of an investment, and helped me figure out all of the fixed and soft costs. They even previewed some properties, taking their own pictures and video for me. They are wonderful to work with. I will be buying with them when I go down to Sarasota in July.

5 moricechinaz

Jamie and Mark are the most detail oriented agents I’ve ever worked with. They did an extensive interview with us over the phone since we live in Canada in the off season. They took our rambling list of needs and formed it into a prioritized list of characteristics that really helped us. They searched MLS based on this list and presented properties in different tiers. It was a great way for us to determine what mattered most and then view houses. We narrowed the list a bit and they went and previewed homes. We quickly found out that pictures online aren’t always accurate. The Duo sent us the pics and some videos. Way above and beyond what we expected. Really hands on and helping. We couldn’t be more pleased or excited to buy a house. Will definitely use Mark and Jamie for all of our future real estate needs.

5 lisagregg3

My husband and I were absolutely delighted with Jamie and Mark Coppens’ professionalism and home buying knowledge in buying our new home in Sarasota, FL. They were on call 24/7. All questions we had about properties were thoroughly examined and answered to our satisfaction. They were well versed on all areas of Sarasota. From downtown homes to the suburbs of Lakewood Ranch. WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS DYNAMIC AND CHARMING SRQ DUO! Lisa and James G.

5 greggerlane

Mark and Jamie went above and beyond with our home search. They are available at any hour and willing to answer and research the hardest (or dumbest) of questions. Their easygoing demeanor and great personalities made us feel at ease with the process. They are very detail oriented and didn’t waste a minute of our time. Their website is very informative and in an easy format to find what you need. They put their heart and soul into home searching and you can tell they really enjoy their jobs. We’ve worked with a lot of agents in the past, but will only work with The SRQ Duo in the future.

5 parkklynn

Mark and Jamie are outstanding. They really took care to search for us and narrow down our choices. We were out of town for a weekend and they previewed 5 homes for us, sending pictures and videos. This helped us enormously. They were experts on the neighborhood, and took the time to show us all the small things at each house, like HVAC and other systems. They researched tax records and truly went above and beyond. They were able to negotiate the best price and we are in the process of selecting. We have agents for life, based on how well they took care of us. Their website is highly recommended and on point. The SRQ Duo sets the standard for REALTORs.

5 kepiromicah

Jamie and Mark are simply the best when working with remote clients. My family lives in France. Our time in Sarasota was very limited. The Duo was able to search for properties, narrow them down based on our selection, and then went out and previewed homes. They took tons of additional photos and some videos, and stored them on a gmail drive and youtube channel. It made it feel like we were there. We were able to throw out a few properties that werent suited for us, and also allowed us to consider one that we hadnt before. The expereincce was invalueable. When we finally arrived, we had a short list of condos that we felt we already knew. It really took a lot of the pressure off of us and made the whole experience fun and exciting. They helped us choose the perfect unit. We couldnt be more happy. The best!

5 fredmoneyfred

Jamie and Mark did an excellent job selling our home. They went above and beyond in every aspect. They hired a professional photographer and videographer. The quality was outstanding. They set up a separate website for the house, with tons of photos and video, as well as information on the local community, attractions, dining, and other features. They had an open house almost every weekend while it was listed. They also had a professional flyer created and sent mailings all across Sarasota. They really did a lot more than simply listing it on MLS. They negotiated an excellent price and put in the time and effort throughout the process. We couldn’t be happier. Always responsive and on point. We will use them again and again!

5 user3517912

Mark and Jamie followed up immediately after I requested information on a condominium unit, Showing was scheduled according to our schedule and Mark quickly put together a price analysis. After discussion he took over the negotiations and we got the unit at what we considered to be a great price. We had a signed contract in less than a week from the time we were aware the unit was on the market. Everything after that took place as planned and we closed within the 30-day period we had agreed to. I would highly recommend Mark and Jamie for your real estate needs as I am sure you will enjoy the same great experience!

5 melindawest131

Our real estate experience with Mark & Jamie was excellent, the duo were extremely knowledgeable in the Lakewood Ranch, Sarasota & Siesta Key Areas. They were exceptionally responsive and communicated quickly in a very detail manner. The couple was delightful to work with and many times went over & beyond with the information they provided us, they had many out side to box ideas, that were extremely helpful to us. They were very knowledgeable about home values in the local area, helping us immensely with our decision.

5 bicarey75

Unlike most real estate agents we have worked with in various markets, Mark and Jamie actually added value. When we were in the process of negotiations on a new condo, we gave them the highest price we were willing to pay and they were able to negotiate a substantial reduction off that price.

5 fred49390

Mark and Jamie recently represented us in the purchase of Lido Beach condo. We were most impressed with their professionalism and ability to get things done in what was a relatively difficult transaction. Because we were non residents of Sarasota their advice of local representation and contractors was spot on.

5 cdtwlr

Mark and Jaime were great to work with. It’s so nice working with a realtor team because each of them have different strengths and bring unique perspectives. My wife and I had difficult schedules to coordinate and Mark and Jaime went out of their way to be available to us when it was convenient for us. They often rearranged their schedule to help us out. We ended up buying a house from a very difficult seller and Mark and Jaime went out of their way to ensure that our interests were protected and we knew what are rights were. We will recommend Mark and Jaime every opportunity we get!

5 chascouser

Mark and Jaime were very attentive, and always available. They helped us to find our dream home very quick and easy. Even after they knew we had fallen in love with location, they still helped us go over it with a fine tooth comb.

5 detwiler laura

Mark and Jamie were great! My husband and I had only been in Sarasota less than a year, so we were looking for a realtor who could help show us around. We were also looking for someone who would be available on off hours as we both work long days and I work weekends as well as someone who would show us houses within our price range and what we were looking for. We had bought houses in different cities before, so we were familiar with the process. Mark and Jamie delivered in all those areas and more. They were friendly, always available, honest, and worked hard to get us the best deal even after we had some issues with the buyer. We would highly recommend them and we would definitely use them again if we ever needed a realtor.

5 JasonQn

Mark and Jamie were awesome! They really know the neighborhood. Showed us all of the amenities and answered questions on small details like utilities, traffic, maintenance, etc. They really know the schools and were able to help us pinpoint exactly where we wanted to live. Very courteous and responsive. We look forward to working with them in the future

5 Jamesmxc

Jamie has a keen eye for elegance and really helped imagine how the space would be used and designed. She was able to recommend a few local contractors and designers that allowed us to see beyond the horrid condition of the property. Mark is a master negotiator, getting us an amazing price with lots of potential upside after the renovation. The two complement each other well and really did provide an amazing home buying experience. We will recommend them to all of our friends and family looking to buy in Florida.

5 zuser20170128010445056

I worked with Mark and Jamie for over four months via text/email searching for a home without ever being to Sarasota all the while living in Cincinnati, Ohio. Mark searched the areas I liked and emailed me amazing homes exceeding what I wanted in a home yet remaining in my preferred budget. Mark and Jamie dedicated two days of their time when my husband and I were finally able to visit the beautiful area of Sarasota. After viewing some amazing homeys in Lakewood Ranch we found one that was beautiful and absolutely felt like home! Mark negotiated, completed the paperwork, and went WAY above and beyond what you would expect. It was not about the sale…it was about making their client happy! (Things in our lives caused the sale to be on hold temporarily.) I would recommend Jamie and Mark to every person planning on moving to any part of Sarasota or Lakewood Ranch. Thanks! Tony & Chris

5 freyaashton2

We loved working with Jamie and Mark! They really know the streets and homes. Showed us all of the features and answered questions on prices and histories of properties. Experts on schools and local businesses. Very attentive and hard workers. Their work ethic sets them apart from all others we’ve worked with.

5 Trefull Likun

The SRQ Duo worked hard to accommodate our needs. We were shopping remotely, from Chicago. They had the patience and knowledge to work with us from afar, narrowing choices and recommending neighborhoods based on our wants and needs. When we arrived a few months later we hit the ground running. No time was wasted. They spent 3 whole days with us, learning the area and finding the perfect home. We returned home and they took over the process. Everything was done electronically – very easy. They attended the inspection and even facetimed us with the inspector to review some issues. Above and beyond. We even closed on the house remotely – with Jamie and Mark arranging for the documents and officials to meet us at our residence back home. The whole process was easy and enjoyable – with the two of them taking away all of the stress. They are trustworthy and experts in their field. We will be using them again!

5 Susan Callman

Jamie and Mark really get to know their client’s needs – and focus all of their efforts around finding the right home to fit. They were able to suggest areas we hadn’t considered, based on their local knowledge of the market and areas. They literally know each and every street we looked at. Things like walkability, local shops/restaurants, etc. They knew it all. They were able to show us homes that fit our lifestyle and wasted no time sowing us their own listings or things that they may have preferred but didn’t fit for us. They made us feel like no one else mattered – always “present” and not answering the phone or emailing while with us. Sincere and trustworthy. We look forward to working with them in this process.

5 Christopher RR

I requested information on Zillow about 5 different homes. Jamie and Mark responded immediately via text and email, and called when it was an appropriate hour. The other agents contacted never even got back to me. Over time we developed a trust relationship and they truly took the time to learn me and what I wanted. When we met I was blown away with their hospitality and friendliness. They love what they do and it shows. We had fun in the process – which was perfect. They took the stress away and allowed me to focus on my dream home while they focused on the details. They are two great souls and by the end of the trip it seemed more like a friendship than a realtor relationship. I am excited to work with them!

5 ersatz568

What an amazing couple, and outstanding Realtors. They went above and beyond showing us multiple homes on a very short notice. They mainly represent buyers, which I liked, because it allowed them to have a focus on what I need and they didn’t have any bases toward their own listings. Once we settled on a community, they zeroed in on the specific kind of home I wanted and week able to find 3 great choices. They helped me navigate the offer process and Mark was able to negotiate a price that I thought was a joke at first. Really really awesome price. I couldn’t have been more happy with the price. After closing they continued to check in and recommended a few service providers for things I needed. They even checked in on my wife when I was in hospital. Great experience and they really are the best we’ve ever worked with.

5 Andrew Loftin

Mark and Jamie were the best. The SRQ Duo showed us several homes near Siesta. Marked was able to put his MBA to use – developing a spreadsheet that showed total costs and potential revenue for the homes, since I am an investor. The houses all needed work. Mark was able to help choose the best fit from an investment prospective, while Jamie was able to provide design guidance and help choose a contractor and designer for the remodel. We got a great deal for the property, thanks to Mark, and our renovation is going smoothly, thanks to Jamie. The two compliment each other perfectly and went above and beyond what a typical Realitor would do. Very happy and will recommend.

5 James Edwa

Jamie and Mark spent so much time with us I thought they would go crazy! But seriously, they dedicated a lot of time and effort for us, on a home I’m sure they didn’t make a lot of money from. The made us feel comfortable and educated us in the process since this was the first time we bought a home in the States. We have a young family so they helped recommend schools and helped us find homes that met all of our unique cultural criteria. So much patience. Really walked us through the entire process. They got us a great deal on new construction, with extra incentives that the builder wasn’t even offering. Great job SRQ Duo!

5 Nicholas Dailey

MJ were awesome. We had never been to Sarasota so had a lot of trepidation about the area and buying. They spent the better part of 6 months communicating back and forth at all hours of the day. When the time finally came to visit, we hit the ground running looking all over two counties. In a short time they were able to show us the various areas we liked, experienced the amenities and attraction that there was to offer, and we are placing a bid on a home completely unexpected. We fell in love with the area as a result of their hard work. Mark is negotiating a very good price based on our specific owner financing deal. Mark understood our requirements and was able to perfectly negotiate based on this. The two work great together and their love showed through to their work and effort. They will spend the time that you need to feel comfortable in your decision and proceed down a new journey. Much pleased with their work and mentorship through the process.

5 Calvin Dobson

The SRQ Duo went beyond our goals and showed us beautiful homes that met our unique lifestyle and living needs. My husband is disabled and they were able to preview homes for us and determine which would work and which wouldn’t – based on our guidance. This cut down on so much wasted time for us, since it’s hard for my husband to get around. They had so much patience and were able to line everything up for one afternoon. Great personalities and very friendly. Awesome to work with. Know the areas very well and have a lot of knowledge in renovations and design. We look forward to buying our house with them on the next trip.

5 GordonDavidson

Our Realtors, the SRQ Duo, were awesome! They helped us search, and once narrowed down, investigated some particular terms of interest in the HOA docs. They worked with my attorney to ensure the house was suitable. They attended the inspection on my behalf, and were able to manage all of the further negotiations with the seller while I was away. Couldn’t have been more pleased with their actions. They even helped source and select vendors for renovations. Always available, and always honest with their opinions and resolve. Highest opinion of them and their capabilities.

5 Harr Davies

Mark and Jamie sold our home for a great price and within the time allotted. They have great marketing expertise. From professional photos, to production quality HD videos – they knew what I took to market the house. They even added a 3D virtual tour which was very effective. Combined with print media they did a blast of new age social media advertising which really helped. Always available for showings – and always communicating status and progress. We were very pleased with the Duo.

5 Ian Dickens

The SRQ Duo worked hard for us in all measures. We were amazed at how responsive they were and how courteous and patient they were with us even under the most difficult situations. They know new construction. Were able to negotiate great deals for us on lot premium, incentives, and builder closing costs. Much better than just walking in off the street. Since I lived out of state, they were able to keep check on progress of the build and be my eyes and ears locally. Very happy with their support!

5 StevenDunne

Talk about full service! They went above and beyond. Helped me search, picked me up at the airport, toured many homes, narrowed the list, talked through several offers, and negotiated the best terms and price. Amazing service. We had decided on an area that was all wrong for us. Mark and Jamie were able to help us find a better area, where we were happy with the homes, schools, and amenities. They saved us! We couldn’t be happier with the lifestyle that Jamie and Mark were able to help us find and buy. I love that they always answer the phone, day or night, and go out of their way to make you feel comfortable with the process. 5 stars!

5 GordonGreenex

Mark and Jamie are outstanding. We had doubts working with essentially strangers from Zillow, but they have been amazing. Called us back immediately and were willing to work and speak with us on off hours since we are on the west coast. They presented candidates for us to choose from and helped steer us towards the good schools and vicinity to amenities that we wanted. We didn’t know the area so they’ve guided our choices based on their local expertise. When we arrived they arranged for transportation for us so it was seamless. Showed us homes all day, and even bought us lunch! They went above our expectations and made us feel at ease and in good hands. We will definitely be buying on our next trip over and will use their services again for sure!

5 NicholasTWright

Jamie and Mark showed us homes in two counties! We were very unsure of the area and had a big list to see. They tackled the entire list with ease and made us feel important and connected the whole time. There was no pressure and they have great patience for folks like us that know nothing of the area. They helped guide us but wanted us to see for ourselves what your $$ gets in differing neighborhoods so that now we are narrowed down to one specific community after seeing tons of them. So much patience and a pleasure to work with. They really do know the entire Sarasota and Manatee county area. Schools, shopping, utilities, churches, HOA, s – you name it – they know it. Lovely couple and easy to talk with. We look forward to buying our home with the SRQ Duo!

5 Lucas Lambert

They helped us find an awesome investment condo. Jamie had the vision of the two – able to see past the old 70s style and furnishings and describe in detail how things could be renovated to bring top dollar. While Mark has the keen ability to digest the numbers and show potential cash flow based on price, fees, taxes, and potential rental income. They are a great balance and we couldn’t have done it without them. Very personable and answer their phones at all hours. We are looking forward to purchasing our next investment with them. We can pretty much be on autopilot and they will find great candidates to consider, and even preview if we’re not able to make it down. They are awesome!

5 Gavin Fraser

Great REALTORs! The moment I spoke with Mark on the phone I knew he “got it”. I’m looking for a house with some character in an otherwise bland cookie cutter neighborhood. He’s been able to steer me toward great candidates that need a little work, which is ok – but also have great upside potential – which is awesome. Jamie has a great eye for design and she has helped tremendously with advice on renovations and furnishings. The two make a great team. I love them because they don’t care about your budget. We started looking at relatively lower end homes that I would flip. Based on our great rapport, I’ve started looking for myself at the $2M+ range. They treated me great in the beginning, when they didn’t even know my budget. Very impressive knowledge of the process and local rules and regs. Always responsive and friendly – which means a lot to me. 5 stars for sure!

5 sebibep

The best team of Realitors I’ve worked with. We walked by a house that we wanted to see, called the number on Zillow, and expected to wait a long time to hear back and a couple days to see the house. Jamie answered immediately and they got us in to see the house in30 minutes. We put an offer on the house that night, and Mark was able to negotiate a great price and terms. Good thing too, because they had 3 offers come in the next day. I’m convinced that The SRQ Duo’s responsiveness literally allowed us to purchase this house before anyone else. We have been very pleased with their work ethic, honest and open communication, and dedication to making the process enjoyable. Highly recommended!

5 colonelsnow

Fantastic service. They did all the leg work for me. A very smooth process. They definitely earned their money. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to anyone who is either buying or selling.

5 Calbrothers

Mark and Jamie did an outstanding job in our home buying process. Initially we were “in town” when we started our search. They worked with our schedule and lined up showings. They also formulated a multitude of e-lists of properties meeting our criteria, enabling us to continue our search when we returned to Michigan. They went the extra mile to create visual tours of properties. They learned about us, enabling them to weed through then present the best homes available. Ultimately Mark and Jamie performed a remote closing for us and the house was ready when we arrived. We highly recommend this team!!

5 keschutz

We bought a house in FLA (we live in New England) with Mark and Jamie’s help. What a great team! We visited the area a few times, Mark, and Jamie helped us work through what was important to us and kept a great catalogue of relevant viewings. We even did a few viewings from New England through Video/Facetime walkthroughs – fantastic! When we decided on our home, they made the process super simple including helping us with all local help; financing folks, insurance, and even closing remotely. Above and beyond! Even helped us getting personal services set up as we were 1500 miles away. If you are looking for great personal service, look no further.

5 jameshgregg

Mark & Jamie were great to work with. They both listen to your want and needs for your future home. Willing to keep looking until you find the right home with your desired check list. They are both very knowledgeable about the SRQ area. The house we purchased had our entire punch list plus more.

5 zuser20160808082752153

Jamie and Mark were great. They showed us a house that we both fell in love with and they made it happen. We had a short time period to get the deal done and Jamie and Mark worked evenings and over the weekend so that we could get this house. They got back to us with all of our questions answered and had good suggestions and knowledge of the property. We would definitely recommend them.

5 jmsrod964

The hardest working team in Sarasota. On short notice, they were able to show us a few properties the same day. Mark really dug into the details, which helped when making an offer. Very responsive, when it mattered most. We look forward to buying our new home with Jamie and Mark by our side.

5 hrndzk674

We didn’t realize that when clicking on a property on Zillow that you don’t always get the listing agent. My were we glad we didn’t. The SRQ Duo had our best interest at heart, and negotiated on our behalf to get a great deal for us. We would have been lost without them. Very quick to return calls, and explain all details fully with care. The process was smooth because of them. Never work with the listing agent directly, use an independent buyer’s agent – THE SRQ DUO!

5 user3110705

I first became acquainted with Mark and Jamie Coppens, The SRQ Duo, after inquiring about a property on Trulia. Within minutes, they called and offered their services. Mark and Jamie have since showed me several homes and lots based on the list of “wants and needs” I have described regarding a new home. Their attentiveness to those “wants and needs” has helped to narrow the selection process. Most impressive is their responsiveness and dedication to service. The SRQ Duo truly strives to make the home buying process as simple and smooth as possible. I would recommend Mark and Jamie to anyone seeking to partner with a realtor who customizes their supports based on the individual needs of the clients that they serve.


After working with numerous other realtors on multiple transactions in Sarasota, we decided to give Jamie and Mark a try. They found us the perfect place for us at a very fair price. We highly recommend and would use them again in a heartbeat Nick and Susan -Sarasota

5 Jacksas

Awesome team of agents. Very quick to respond. Very caring and thoughtful. These agents are actually a pleasure to work with, as they make the process fun and stress-free. Mark is very thorough and detail oriented – with an awesome take on value and leveraging things we didn’t know about the house history and background. Jamie pointed out design features that are very important to resale value – which is a big deal to us. They make a great team – coming at things from two different perspectives. Great!

5 laileem986

While looking for a great condo as a seasonal home, I was clueless on pet policies, minimum rental periods, and the like. Really needed a local agent to help me with details not available online. I called The SRQ Duo and Mark was able to provide answers on the spot, since he knew all of the buildings and obviously does a lot of work in the area in question. I had asked another agent prior and I’m still waiting on their response. Not Mark, he was fast, thorough, and knowledgeable. We’ve seen several properties with the team and look forward to purchasing this coming season. Very happy with their knowledge of the area and willingness to accommodate some unusual requests. Top notch team.

5 rbnsmp981

Jamie and Mark spent the whole day driving me around properties in Sarasota and the surrounding areas. I feel like they’ve seen it all – with details on command of each neighborhood and amenities. Even things like local restaurants, shopping, necessities –where all know by Jamie as if she shopped and dined in the area everyday (which they don’t). They really know the market value for each area, and explained the pros and cons of differing communities which helped identify some great finds and candidates. Just superb. Plus they carted me around all day in a luxurious ride! Friendly and courteous. Can’t wait to buy something using the Duo.

5 sphygn283

Jamie and Mark were able to negotiate a really good deal for us. The seller had a few issues, which we were able to leverage to help us with price. We would have never known if Mark hadn’t done the research. Jamie did a great job setting us up with local services, a great new club, a preschool, and even helped with a nanny. They made us feel welcome in the community and have been there for us when we needed help or had “dumb” questions. Simply a pleasure to work with.

5 lianem542

Showed my daughter and I 4 condos on Siesta Key and Longboat. Great knowledge of buildings and sorted out our likes and dislikes immediately – so then on were able to be on the same sheet while searching. Great eye for design and features – stuff that we overlooked but turns out is very important. Mark knows his numbers – able to assess value on the spot and determine whether something was a good investment. Very handy when determining feasibility of some properties especially with some high condo fees. We leaned on him a lot. They are great if you don’t know the area real well and want honest and open recommendations. They aren’t simply trying to sell you something. We think they are very useful and will use them to purchase this coming holiday time.

5 adiyab245

We wanted to look at a few foreclosures and no one would return our calls. Mark & Jamie called us right away and jumped in head first with us. Some of the showings were really difficult and we could tell a lot of work setting up. They had lots of patience and were enthusiastic to help us with our search. Mark did a great job with the market analysis to determine a fair price – and we’ve bid on a home. Just waiting to see if it will be accepted. They are even heling us with a general contractor referral – and will help us when we’re out of town which is most of the time. They have done a lot more than any other agent we’ve ever used. Lovely couple to work with.

5 warteded77

We interviewed many agents to list our home for sale, but chose Jamie & Mark because they were responsive, detail oriented, and driven. We found most other agents were all about making the sale. The Duo actually listened to us, respected our desires, and modified their approach with ease, based on our unique requirements. They didn’t offer us the highest list price, but were well prepared to back up their suggested value based on facts and their in depth knowledge of the local market. Very professional and easy to work with. We highly recommend them.

5 verfurnrn

Mark & Jamie were able to negotiate a great price for us. Also, they helped negotiate the purchase of furnishings – well under market value. This was huge for us. They conducted themselves in our best interests at all time, from inspection through closing. They understood our unique needs immediately, not wasting a minute of our time. We fell in love with the first property they selected. Great team!

5 prietryry

Jamie & Mark answered my call on the first ring. They were able to answer my questions on a property immediately, having seen it themselves already. Based on this first discussion I forwarded them a list of others I had interest in. They were able to dig up details that I didn’t have access to, which helped me narrow the search ahead of a visit. They were also able to recommend a few homes based on what I selected. They were right on the mark. We’ve spoken several times since, and did one trip of touring properties over a weekend. We plan to return soon and finalize our selection. We couldn’t have done it without them. They made everything easy from afar.

5 trayay1992

The SRQ Duo answered the call! We were standing outside of a property and called them to arrange a showing. Within 15 minutes they scheduled a showing and were on their way. They literally dropped everything they were doing to help us. Very knowledgeable on the property and neighborhood. We are setting up further showings in the coming weeks and will rely on them heavily. Very impressive and great to work with.

5 cluelel03

We had never been to Sarasota, but had friends and family nearby. We really needed an agent that knew numerous neighborhoods, and not just one specific area. Jamie & Mark showed us homes from Lakewood Ranch all the way out to Siesta Key. Their span of knowledge and experience is immense. They’ve shown homes and closed deals all over – which was very helpful in helping us decide where we wanted to live – based on our lifestyle and family needs. We have settled in on an area called West of Trail – which we would never had known about if it weren’t for the Duo. We look forward to our purchase with them.

5 nedebll890

Very responsive at all hours. We live in the UK so it was difficult to call during “normal” hours. That never mattered. They answered calls late at night their time, and always responded to emails and texts promptly. They are very knowledgeable on foreign buying and selling, tax implications, foreign lending, etc. We totally trust them with the process as our local agents working on our behalf. We chose them based on reviews, and couldn’t be happier with our decision. We came to Florida and they had lined up a day of showings exactly as outlined in our communications. Very easy to work with, professional, and knowledgeable. When we return at Christmas we plan to buy our vacation home with them in the States.

5 alyceegra47

Jamie and Mark were able to get a great deal for us. We had very difficult funding issues, to say the least, and they were able to help get great terms with the seller that enabled us to have our dream home. They were very thorough with the contract and phases of escrow. They helped us with the inspection, where things were caught that we never knew about. Had it not been for Mark, we would not have realized this dream! We recommend them to all of our friends and family that plan to move here.

5 kernasshfc641

We had a tall task of finding a gulf front property that meets my large family’s needs – WITH A BUDGET. Without knowing the area we found a few places online and asked Jamie and Mark about them. They had already been in 3 of the 4 and were able to rule out 2 based solely on their views, which WAS NOT what the agent depicted in the listing. This was great and it showed that they knew their stuff! They preview the other unit and facetimed us during so we could see the views. We arrive in the new year and will tour the homes in person. Their preview, and virtual showing on FaceTime was great – well above and beyond what is expected. We can’t wait to buy our dream condo with them – and enjoy it for generations to come.

5 avatram24

We were in town over a holiday weekend and wanted to see a few properties. NO AGENT would answer my calls, except Jamie. She graciously spoke on the phone, did a search based on my list, and scheduled properties for showing. Half of the homes I wanted to see couldn’t schedule because he agents weren’t responsive to her either. NOT JAMIE. She arranged what she could with ease, and was very professional to her peers when I was not. A charm to work with – she is simply the best. She never made us feel guilty for taking up her holiday time, and we were very gracious for that. We weren’t looking at million dollar homes, but she treated us with respect and made us feel important. We had a great experience with Jamie and will be using her and Mark going forward when we are ready to buy this coming season.

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